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Escape Games!

In the Realms of:Assassin's Creed
Prince of Persia

New Arcade Location Now Open:  905 Crossley Rd. - Palm Springs, CA

HOURS - Tue-Fri: 2pm-9pm / Sat-Sun: 12pm-9pm

Walk-Ins are welcome, but RESERVATIONS are encouraged

CONTACT US for Off-Hours Reservations

NOTE:  We will be Closed on Sun. 5-15 for a Special Event


PRO VR USA is a Virtual Reality Experiences company.


About Us

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It is our mission to bring the exciting world of Virtual Reality to the general public, in new, innovative ways.


With over 5 years of Virtual Reality, and over 30 years of computer experience, we know how to provide a high level of quality to your Virtual Reality adventure.