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Escape Games!

In the Realms of:Assassin's Creed
Prince of Persia

New Arcade Location Now Open:  905 Crossley Rd. - Palm Springs, CA

HOURS - Tue-Fri: 2pm-9pm / Sat-Sun: 12pm-9pm

Walk-Ins are welcome, but RESERVATIONS are encouraged

CONTACT US for Off-Hours Reservations

NOTE:  We will be Closed on Sun. 5-15 for a Special Event



The safety of our Customers and our Employees is of the upmost importance to us!


You can be assured that we follow all FDA and CDC guidelines and measures to ensure the cleanliness of our equipment, in order to provide a safe environment for all involved.


We completely sanitize our equipment before AND after every event.


We provide sanitizing wipes to clean the equipment, between players, and provide sanitary Virtual Reality masks for each player as well.


Our Assistants are aware of the CDC recommendations and procedures for keeping our customers and themselves healthy and safe.

Assistants will practice social distancing, as much as possible, as well as wearing face masks, where mandated, while interacting with our Customers.


Please let us know if you have any questions in regards to this most important aspect of providing safety to everyone!


More information about Covid is included in our WAIVER

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